Hot fix crystals clothing process

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Hot fix crystals is divided into three steps:

1. choose crystal
2. layout design
3. rhinestone layout

How to choose Hot fix rhinestone

1, first look at the appearance:

First look at the cutting surface of rhinestone, the biger cutting surface, the higher it’s refractive power, the better the brightness.secondly, whether the cutting surface is even, there are cut teeth, scratches, bubbles are considered defective. rhinestone process requirements are strict, the process is complex, and the finished product rate is not very high. Diamonds with a defective product rate of 3%-5% should be regarded as good products, and then see if the diamond size is the same. The diameter of the ss6 is 1.9-2.1mm, and the ss10 is 2.7-2.9mm…. It should also see whether the thickness is the same.

2, check the gum

Turn the diamond over to see the color of the back side of the plastic, the color is uniform, not different shades. The color is bright and uniform and it is regarded as a good crystal.

3, firm
The higher the solubility of hot glue on the back, the better the firmness of the crystal. The best way to identify diamonds is to wash them in the washing machine after they cool down. After washing them, they can’t fall off. It proves that the fastness is good and it is washed off. It proves that the firmness of the glue is not good and the dry cleaning of good products does not fall.

rhinestone layout

First use kraft paper to make a variety of pattern templates, and then the rhinestone lined up to a fixed position on the kraft paper, and then stick out with a good line of viscose paper used as a rhinestone.

Hot fix crystals

Hot fix crystals mainly uses several kinds of machines, they are: ultrasonic hot drilling rig, ultrasonic spot drilling machine, ultrasonic nail rig, heat transfer machine and so on.

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